WHAT THE fertility community is SAYING:

Wow you guys! Tremendously powerful piece. A majestic, yet real and utterly untainted, view of one of the most powerful biological forces on earth. 5 stars!
— Dr. Paul Turek, FACS, FRSM (The Turek Clinic)
We always talk about the extreme emotional impact of infertility on women, comparing it to a cancer diagnosis, but too often the conversation stops there. If I Could Tell You speaks to this very real pain, exploring one woman’s journey, and provides an opportunity for conversation about a topic that needs a light shined on it.
— Ken Mosesian, CEO (Path 2 Parenthood)
If I Could Tell You is a powerful, dramatic portrayal of the emotional roller-coaster millions of people are having right now with trying to have a baby — and how failure to get pregnant can throw doubt and anxiety into every area of one’s life. The film captures this experience with humor, looking at some of the lengths people will go to in order to make their dream come true. A must see for anyone who wants to be part of this conversation.
— Karin Thayer, Founder/CEO (Fertility Planit)
This movie will draw you in and you’ll be holding your breath the entire time! Bravo to Avery Clyde for her spot-on portrayal of a woman’s organic drive to have a child.
— Kristen Darcy, Author & Fertility Coach


-  REVIEW BY DR. PAUL TUREK of THE TUREK CLINIC - "This little-short-that-could reveals an all too ignored, teachable moment on its tear soaked sleeves: that infertility is a real disease! As real as cancer or death. Make no mistake; infertility has profound and palpable effects on the lives it affects. And, it is my hope that, through this and other examples of Hollywood's finest art form, infertility takes its rightful place as part of mainstream storytelling integral to modern life."

-  PRESS RELEASE FOR IF I COULD TELL YOU - LOS ANGELES, July 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Clyde Brothers & Squint Pictures announce the August 2, 2016, Los Angeles premiere and iTunes release of "If I Could Tell You," a 35-minute film drama that delves into the struggles surrounding infertility and showcases the new, desperate lengths that some are willing to go to via the online underworld of black-market sperm donors and fertility treatments. 

-  REVIEW BY TAMARA (LIKE) CAMERA - "Many of my friends and family have struggled with fertility. People don't always talk about it, until after the fact, and that's if they talk about it at all. This movie was as eye-opening for me, as the firsthand accounts of my loved ones have been. We are all different people, but our struggles can be similar to one another."

-  REVIEW BY FERTILITY WITHIN REACH - "I love films that evoke strong emotions. That tells me that it is a story to be heard, digested, and shared. If I Could Tell You haunted me, in a good way. From the brilliant acting and the relatable heart-wrenching story, I was swept away and overcome with passion." 

-  REVIEW BY MOVIE TRACT HER TRAIL HER - "As a woman who is also struggling to conceive, I can honestly say that I can truly relate. The wife in the film was willing to do whatever to achieve her dreams of having a baby. Trying to conceive and are continually unsuccessful, it can really put a lot of strain on you mentally as well as put a strain on the relationship."

- REVIEW BY DR. TINA KOOPERSMITH of WCWRC - "This movie touched my heart and soul and should provide awareness to the plight of couples afflicted with infertility. But I also hope the film shows those suffering that the true miracle may be acceptance – understanding that how your life unfolds is not necessarily guided by what you know and can be sure of but instead by those situations that are beyond your control."

-  REVIEW BY MISTY REED OF CONCEIVABLE COACH - "The journey to parenthood is personal and private, that we often don't discuss with others that we're trying to get pregnant. As others around us conceive and have children it's normal to keep our struggle to ourselves. However, the decision to keep things private does result in some sort of deception with those around us. Perhaps that is what is most striking about the film."  

-  REVIEW BY TRIALS BRING JOY - "the film did a nice job of portraying the pain that comes with the reality that you may never become a parent."